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Feb 21, 2013

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I recently did a commission with Sportsgirl for their February 2013 campaign “This Season’s Stars”. Even though I grumbled while dotting each little speckles of the planets, I had a pretty good challenge and fun with this project. See the works here.


As Prescribed is having a sale!! All tees are $20! Including my limited edition tees! Head to for a bargain!!

Valentine’s picks

Feb 11, 2013

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valentines day special

These are just a few stuff I picked up from my shop that would make a special Valentine’s gift for your crush, loved ones, friends or family. 1. A card   “Hourglass” Card (set of 2) and “Playtime” Card (set of 2) $12 each 2. Flower “Flora” art print $40 3. Teddy Bear “B for Boy I’d

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