"Royals" Collector Set © 2015 Eveline Tarunadjaja
♠ Royal Spades ♠♥ Royal Hearts ♥♣ Royal Clubs ♣♦ Royal Diamonds ♦★ Joker ★"Royals" Playing Card © 2015 Eveline Tarunadjaja

“Royals” Collector Set

$ 110

This collector set consists of a deck of playing card and 17 signed prints with the “Royals” illustrations.

“Royals” is the first hand illustrated deck of playing cards by Eveline Tarunadjaja. Obsessed with games, Eveline has created these intricate designs inspired by patterns and nature. The deck features an original patterned back and seventeen distinctly detailed illustrations for the court cards, aces and jokers packaged in a custom tuck-box.

Those seventeen prints of the illustrations are bigger than the size of a playing card so you’ll be able to see the intricate details of each illustrations. They will fit into standard 5x7in. photo frames or if you’d like to spread the love, you can also use them as postcards.

Includes:  1 x deck of playing card and 17 illustrated 5×7 in. prints on an off-white textured card stock (276 gsm)


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