“Matchi Matchi” Game Card

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For the first time ever, Ev and Cat have joined forces to make stuff. In their new collaboration Matchi Matchi, Ev and Cat have come up with a fun and simple card game based on their shared love of food, animals and adventures. The cards are Illustrated with their signature styles and accompanied by a small line of paper products. The most important thing, they have fun and eat cheese tarts.

A set of 52 alphabet picture cards (26 designs in total), with many games to play – from Memory and beyond! Matchi Matchi is a fun game to play at the dinner table with friends, strangers, pets, small children – anyone!

Printed digitally in Melbourne, Australia. It comes packaged in a nice kraft-coloured box, with a sheet of Riso printed instructions and information. The cards approximately measure 6 x 6cm sq.

Cat Rabbit is a textile artist who makes plush soft sculptures, felt jewelry and paper products as well as books for children. Cat’s plush sculptural works feature her imagined characters and the worlds they might live in, with a keen eye for detail and an underlying storytelling aspect. Cat’s brand grew out of an obsession for hand sewing and is now a full time business. She exhibits her textile work internationally and runs a successful online store, as well as creating books and workshops with her business partner Isobel Knowles as part of Soft Stories.

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