21 Days living out of a suitcase

Japan Fashion Diary

Most of the time I found the what-to-pack guides are a bit too basic beige/black for my liking.. So I thought I do my own what-to-pack travel guide to do one based on my recent travel to Japan  in Spring 2013.


List of items (l-r): Lilac Dropwaist dress I designed that my mum made, Gorman pastel print easy dress, Gorman x RhysLee dress, Grey t shirt, Muji stripey t shirt, Uniqlo x Lulu Guiness polkadot t shirt (both bought while I was in Japan), BDG polka dot shirt (from ASOS), Zara beige cardigan, H&M grey sweatshirt, Red/Fuchsia sweater (from Urban Outfitters), my sister’s scarf, Uniqlo heattech light charcoal, grey wool Scanlan&Theodore hands-me-down, Uniqlo heattech black/white stripes, Jigsaw camel coat, Uniqlo Dark Navy stretch jeans, Gorman polkadot skirt, Nine west flat (black), brown loafers, greenish grey wedge (from Zomp), Muji purple socks, Uniqlo navy socks, grey wool stockings, Uniqlo wool stockings in maroon and navy.

*I brought a medium size luggage with me, and they only fill half of the suitcase, so I had room to buy more stuff. I’m also little bit obsessed with mixing prints, colours and polka dots when I packed. I only went for 13 days, but I thought these could easily last for more than 2 weeks.