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Valentine’s picks

Feb 11, 2013

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valentines day special

These are just a few stuff I picked up from my shop that would make a special Valentine’s gift for your crush, loved ones, friends or family.

1. A card
Hourglass greeting card set © Eveline Tarunadjaja Playtime greeting card © Eveline Tarunadjaja
“Hourglass” Card (set of 2) and “Playtime” Card (set of 2) $12 each

2. Flower
Flora © Eveline Tarunadjaja
“Flora” art print $40

3. Teddy Bear

“B for Boy I’d like to kiss multiple times” art print $40

4. Heart shaped thing
Spillage © Eveline Tarunadjaja
“Spillage” art print $40

5. Something to throw if you’re not getting anything?
Original Hand-painted Wooden Doll  (Headscarf)  $180 $150
(Disclosure: Please don’t hold me responsible for any damages it may caused..)

For the romantics out there who’s getting engaged this year and want a customised wedding invites, I’m available for commission. I would love to hear your stories and create something personal for your special day. Just email me x

Don’t forget to use the coupon code: STUPIDCUPID when you checkout for 10% off your purchases. Valid all through February.

All you need is love

Feb 8, 2013

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Valentine’s Day is approaching soon! I’m releasing a new print to celebrate the occasion for all you happy couples out there. They’re available here for only $20 each, not to mention there is an extra 10% off of all purchases during the month of February. Just use coupon code: STUPIDCUPID when you checkout. Happy Valentine’s Day xo


* This print makes me sing The Turtles’ song in my head every time I see it..



April fool

Feb 1, 2013

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I am very sorry but i just found out that there is a mistake in my calendar 2013. The month of April is completely incorrect. I can’t believe that I overlooked it.

For those who bought it from my online shop, I’ll be sending you something in the mail as a token of my apology. For those who bought it directly from my pop up shop or from other retail shop, please email me your name and address so I can do the same.

The calendars are still available in discounted price at the shop. They are still usable for the other 10 months.

Again, I’m really really sorry.

x Ev