I’m doing this FAQ section because I’ve been getting quite a bit of emails with similar questions and I mostly end up repeating myself so I thought it might be good if I just post this here. If you have other questions, please email me and I’ll do my best to help you out.

How did you first started?
I always love drawing for fun, but I never have considered it as a career as I didn’t have any formal training or the experience. I studied Multimedia Design, which opened my mind to a lot more different creative outlets other than drawing – like art directing for photography and film productions, so I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to take. After working as an in-house designer at a fashion label, I realised that I really like making patterns and the graphic / illustration part of it more than doing layout and websites, so I took a plunge. It was kind of a surprise for me when I started getting some responses, I thought to myself that this is what I love doing and maybe something will work out so I just went on with it, see where it’s going to take me. 

Describe your style.
When I first started, everything was mostly journal-like, based on day-to-day moods, what I feel, see, experience, obsessed about or like. It was a little bit like a 14 years old girl’s diary – lonely yet hopeful, playful yet painful. A little annoying. Very naive but at the same time a bit naughty. Now, I think I have grown a little to be able to refine those emotions into one and play around with hidden meanings behind the details and the patterns. To keep it short, usually I just say “Detailed and hairy line work.” 

What inspires you?
Everything. Things I saw on the street, in films, photographs or in dreams. Sometimes music, books and stories other people tell me. I tend to find inspiration when I don’t look for it and get inspired by almost anything that “moves” me, anything that makes me laugh or cry – even if it’s something small. I also get obsessive about random things like mushrooms and everything else that has interesting texture or patterns.

What medium do you use and do you have any special technique?
For line works, I use Rotring Isograph technical pen, with 0.1 nibs mostly. It gives me more consistent and thinner lines than normal felt tip pens, which I used to use. For colouring, I like watercolour and ink, as I found the medium are more forgiving that acrylic and oil considering how clumsy and impatient I am in painting, but usually I draw with my brush anyway. I also can’t do without masking fluid. 

I wish I can say that I have a special technique or had to build giant drawing machine, but it’s just really straight forward. I start with a blank piece of paper, do a pencil sketch until I’m happy with it, I refine certain parts of the sketch like the face and the eyes, but patterns and texture I kept it quite rough and leave that in the inking. I add colours first, then ink all the line works and add more details with pen.

Can I use your artworks in my blog / social media?
Yes, for personal digital use only with my name and/or website on it. As long as it’s not for profit and no commercial value behind it, I don’t mind. That means please don’t use it to promote a shop that I’m not a part of or as a banner of a blog that I have no idea about.  Please be courteous about it and  don’t print anything out from the website – if you’d like a print, I have them in the shop. I assure you it’ll look better on your bedroom wall than a pixelated printout on copy paper. 
If you’re unsure where the line is, maybe best to contact me first. 

Hope this helps. Thank you x